XP x100
Drop x100



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# Name Level
1 xO_Ox 150
2 Adena 150
3 Becks 150
4 zmrfulj 150
5 Messor 150
6 CatchMe 150
7 xXRobinXx 150
8 DongVietNam 150
9 _Paradies_ 150
10 Angel_of_Doom 150

Welcome to WOI Destruction


War of the Immortals is a new Hack'N'Slash MMORPG set in a world based on myth and legends. You embody one of many classes as you travel, fight, and craft your way through your favorite environments.


War of the Immortals offers 8 interesting classes, bright environments, cinematic backgrounds and a pet collection system much worthy of mention.







The world of Motenia has never been blessed with lasting peace. Every child grows up knowing the stories of fierce battles and ravaging war.


None was greater than Ragnarok, the age-old struggle for power between the noble god Odin and his bitter rival, the evil Loki.


Ragnarok was neither the first nor the last battle that Motenia would host, but it was the one that sealed the gods in their realms and left humanity to salvage what remained of the earth.





Harbingers are a secret order of warriors charged with maintaining the balance of force within the world. With the coming of Ragnarok, and the possible revival of Odin, Loki, and Zeus, they have emerged from the shadows to ensure no one force is more powerful than the other. Armed with a menacing scythe and mastery over soul and psychic powers, they impose their will in almost all combat situations. They’re considered a hybrid class capable of fulfilling different roles in combat.



Excelling at the brutal force and destruction the Berzerker is always the one to charge in head first. With a strong emphasis on melee damage and mobility they make the perfect soldier. While they have an affinity for melee weapons and medium grade armor they are however lacking in magical defense. By utilizing their ability to snare and close distance the Berzerker is a natural born destroyer.



With heavy armor and strong weapons the Champion is always the focal point in every fight. As the tank, they specialize in abilities to control the battlefield by taunting their foes and strengthening their defenses. Champions are invaluable in any party as they will always be the first to engage the enemy and the last one to leave.




Trained in both the sword and the inner workings of dark magic, the duelist is capable of dealing a high amount of damage while debuffing the enemy. By making use of the Demonic forces, the duelist is highly versatile and difficult to isolate and kill.


Specializing in the harpsichord as a weapon, the Enchantress can both weave songs of courage and destruction. Her main role is to keep allies buffed and monsters debuffed. While she does not output a great deal of damage she does however buff her allies offensive and defensive capabilities making her a sought after party member.


Heretics harness the divine powers of light and the destructive nature of darkness. With the combined forces, they deal a respectable amount of damage while still keeping themselves and their party members healed. With their assistance, no battle is too tough.




Magi have mastered the mystical arts of both arcane and elemental forces. By harnessing these talents they create waves of devastation. From a distance, their offensive abilities are simply unmatched. They are the masters of crowd control and snaring, controlling the battlefield as they see fit. Many of the Magi’s powers are focused on AoE (Area of Effect) skills, which allow them to battle many opponents at a time.


With guile and precision, the Ranger is extremely proficient at dealing massive amounts of damage from long range. With AOE traps and skills to aid them in combat, the ranger plays a vital role as the tactician and strategist. With their ability, a team's overall combat effectiveness will increase dramatically.




Adept in the arts of precision and accuracy, the slayer inflicts heavy damage in a short period of time. Through their knowledge and fighting style, they carry both a balanced physical and magical offense. Though their defenses can be somewhat lacking, their offensive capability is almost unparalleled.